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Art - Formal and Informal. Mostly in London.

I went to see some major art this month, as a treat to myself. On a trip to London I went to Women in Revolt (Tate Britain) and The Cult of Beauty (Wellcome Collection). At both, I immersed myself in the galleries and I took some photos and I looked and thought and pondered. But perhaps they were a bit overwhelming because I find myself looking back at small details now.

Women in Revolt: so many hand produced posters and newsletters! My mum might have had a hand in creating this one. Moving artefacts of a movement that changed the world. I'm still processing the impact, and I'm very glad I got to see this exhibition.

The Cult of Beauty included this pink teacup with a moustache guard feature. For gentlemen who want to preserve their 'tache with care. Thisexhibition was predominantly an experience of the intellect. Lots of philosophical content to muse on.

But looking at my photos, on reflection, I find myself equally drawn to the art I've seen while out and about, on floors and walls and ceilings. Not radical and curated and intensified by context. But informal and available. Adding value in unexpected places.

Murals that bring nature into the urban environment and brighten streets.

Birds and vines in Deptford.

A mosaic floor plaque that's there in the park, well, just because it is.

Mosaic plaque in Hackney.

And a hosptial ceiling installation that offers such thoughtful care to people being moved from one place to another on trollies and beds.

Light box installation, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital.

Possibly my favourite art experience in April!

Back in Sheffield, I went to the celebratory event at the Graves Gallery where there were new works to enjoy as well as old favourites. I spent some time marvelling at how moving familiar pieces from one place to another makes such a difference. Turns out I didn't take pictures though. Too busy chatting to people and drinking wine!

I love the Graves Gallery.

Can't recommend it enough.

Get yourself along!

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