what do people say?

It's great to hear what people have valued in a session I've facilitated but I also like to hear ideas for what they think could be even better in the future. That way I get to keep growing and learning.

What did you enjoy?

Most of it. Especially being made to feel able to say something without feeling intimidated – without the embarrassment, inadequacy, self-doubt etc. which had made speaking on all my previous Zoom occasions out of the question.

Liked the way you made the whole thing interesting and challenging but always within the range of ‘normal/ordinary’ understanding.  Everything we were asked to do was possible (i.e. not alarmingly out of normal range) but the scope for individual advancement and individual contributions was immense – limitless! 

What could make it better?

I’m sorry to confess I didn’t get much from the ‘story’ you used.  The others seemed to find it stimulating in the way you presumably intended so it’s obviously my blind spot.  E.g. I kind of noticed the colour red but failed to see the significance that others saw.

What if anything did you achieve by joining the workshop?

It was a very big personal achievement in that I got over my hang-ups about speaking in a Zoom meeting.  More to the point, it felt like I was participating in genuinely creative collective thinking. 

And NB I really got your point that thinking progresses through asking questions.

How would you describe it in one sentence?

It’s the best, most stimulating – inspiring, actually – Zoom experience I’ve had.  Very grateful to you.  More please?


I absolutely loved the Philosophy for Creatives session with Rosie. I hadn’t done anything like it before but will definitely be doing it again! From the useful intro to the fun creative exercises, the whole session was run in a friendly and supportive way. I felt very comfortable when sharing my thoughts and writing with the group, and loved hearing what everyone else had written. The session was thought-provoking and has left me with lots of ideas that I’m excited to explore further through my writing.


I enjoyed last night's workshop - it was an unexpected joy! 

Not that I had any preconceived ideas, yet it was a revelation from the simple warm-up to get the cogs going in how I think about things, to the final piece. There's been elements popping inside my head since which I'm grateful for as it will provide stimulus and a way of moving beyond my default approach.

If there's any other pointers, information on the concepts you introduced I'd be keen to learn more.

One last thing - I wouldn't change anything.


For me, the 'Sheffield Philosophy in Pubs' is an opportunity not only to discuss ideas in a friendly and welcoming environment, but an opportunity to hear from those who might otherwise not be afforded a public voice on relevant philosophical topics. I have learned, primarily, that there is great wisdom in experience and that all experiences are valid. Similarly, the gentle confrontation of another’s ideas, stemming from a curiosity in one’s own, is an excellent means of encouraging one to view the world from another’s perspective. The PiP approach teaches one to value every idea as if it were your own, whilst Rosie’s approach to facilitation, in particular, structures the discussion in a way which ensures an active engagement and productive dialogue, by encouraging all to listen and contribute to a central theme. Especially in these dark times of public isolation (but almost equally so in ordinary times) such a group presents a unique opportunity to discuss big questions in the hope of developing understanding and friendship.

A.H. Sheffield Philosophy in Pubs

It was very enjoyable but different, I wasn't sure how creative writing and philosophy would mix. The stimulus film was dream like and I suppose it put the mind into musing, the whole thing being quite new and unique. The group seemed interesting and it could have been nice to work with them again. And it was very well facilitated and structured with the right mix of discussion and activity, tied together very smoothly with good management of zoom. So thank you.


Rosie Carnall has been an Associate Trainer with DECSY since 2018. During this time she has delivered P4C (Philosophy for Children/Communities) sessions for us working creatively with a range of different community groups.

As a senior P4C trainer (accredited with SAPERE, the national quality assurance body for P4C), I can vouch for the exceptional quality of Rosie’s P4C facilitation. She offers a creative and innovative approach to P4C, drawing on her experience and skills in the arts. She is able to engage a wide range of different audiences in a process where she skilfully draws out participants’ creative and critical thinking enabling them to explore matters of importance collaboratively with each other.


Things I learned or enjoyed:

  • Sharing my thoughts and feelings and responding to written creative texts in a thoughtful way

  • Aspects of philosophical thinking, a new poem, lots about other participants

  • It is so easy to be misunderstood so it is wise to sit with the misunderstanding longer to gain insights and alternative understandings of what has been heard

  • The ideas that can stem from a single thought.

  • The importance of emotional intelligence in the art of questioning and listening.

  • Not taking things at face value and understanding how history and its important questions have helped mankind

  • Meeting with others with similar interests, introduction to poems, understanding how concepts work in poetry and how these are experienced in life

  • The chance to hear from a range of people from several places in the world

  • I love, love, love the respectful conversations and the insights, and challenges that arise

  • Learning new things

Sheffield Year of Reading P4C session participants

  • You have a very relaxed presence even on Zoom Rosie - it helps a lot. Also the quick summaries and questions. Thanks SO much to you and everyone

  • I think it worked well over Zoom. Enjoyed the different activities and the chance to talk in smaller groups. I found the process easier to follow after doing it once before. Thank you!

  • interesting and nicely ‘held’ journey from more abstract stuff to specific issues for us…flowed really well. I have some stuff to share with you about using google slides as a way of sharing emergent ideas I experienced this in a course last night and think it would work well in this one!

  • Hey Rosie that was a really good session.  Thank you. I think it really has been a part of our healing together after the community has been through difficult times.

  • This has been a very valuable session thank you Rosie and everyone. lots more work to do.  thanks so much.

  • Thanks Rosie. It's been good to talk through this stuff. It has worked well over zoom and it felt inclusive.  You have a good flow and your summary of what we are saying is useful.

On the Brink Co-housing Community members