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what do people say?
I love these sessions and always go away buzzing with thoughts. Good to mix with
new people. 
Very helpfully and artfully structured.

I enjoyed last night's workshop - it was an unexpected joy! 


Not that I had any preconceived ideas, yet it was a revelation from the simple warm-up to get the cogs going in how I think about things, to the final piece. There's been elements popping inside my head since which I'm grateful for as it will provide stimulus and a way of moving beyond my default approach.


If there's any other pointers, information on the concepts you introduced I'd be keen to learn more.


One last thing - I wouldn't change anything.

For me, the 'Sheffield Philosophy in Pubs' is an opportunity not only to discuss ideas in a friendly and welcoming environment, but an opportunity to hear from those who might otherwise not be afforded a public voice on relevant philosophical topics. I have learned, primarily, that there is great wisdom in experience and that all experiences are valid. Similarly, the gentle confrontation of another’s ideas, stemming from a curiosity in one’s own, is an excellent means of encouraging one to view the world from another’s perspective. The PiP approach teaches one to value every idea as if it were your own, whilst Rosie’s approach to facilitation, in particular, structures the discussion in a way which ensures an active engagement and productive dialogue, by encouraging all to listen and contribute to a central theme. Especially in these dark times of public isolation (but almost equally so in ordinary times) such a group presents a unique opportunity to discuss big questions in the hope of developing understanding and friendship.

A safe, respectful space to discuss and share ideas. How better the world would be if nations/factions could discuss difference in such a way.

Rosie Carnall has been an Associate Trainer with DECSY since 2018. During this time she has delivered P4C (Philosophy for Children/Communities) sessions for us working creatively with a range of different community groups.

As a senior P4C trainer (accredited with SAPERE, the national quality assurance body for P4C), I can vouch for the exceptional quality of Rosie’s P4C facilitation. She offers a creative and innovative approach to P4C, drawing on her experience and skills in the arts. She is able to engage a wide range of different audiences in a process where she skilfully draws out participants’ creative and critical thinking enabling them to explore matters of importance collaboratively with each other.

Really great opportunity to discuss and explore ideas and concepts in a group. Thanks.
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