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21 Questions about Death: a community collated poem

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Book Review

I write a regular book review for the Sheffield Telegraph. Click the button to read an example - or search online to find the latest one.

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Across the country in a month and a day

A journey of grief and consolation.

I had other plans for 2015, but it turned out to be the year my parents died. The following September, I picked up my MA in Creative Writing again and in May 2017 I set off on a journey from Edinburgh to Penzance and back again. 

It was a journey of grief and consolation.

While I was away I collected stories and pictures and asked people I met to send me postcards. When I was back, I wrote about it and created this piece for my MA final project. 

Across the country in a month and a day

Click here to download the PDF

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Conversations with Strangers

on padlet

A collation of fleeting moments with people I never knew.

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