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I'm in the actual newspaper!

A few weeks ago, I was delighted to get some work with the Sheffield Healthy Holidays project - and today I was even more chuffed to see it in the actual newspaper! The brief was to come up with a creative activity that promotes well-being and encourages people to go outdoors and I immediately thoughts of labyrinths.

I've been lucky enough to walk a few labyrinths, and found it actively relaxing to follow the smooth single path to the centre and out again. It's a lovely way to clear your mind and create space for thinking and daydreaming. A labyrinth is a beautiful image for creating a clear way to the centre - no tricksy false turns like there are in a maze.

My Healthy Holidays activity is 'Laidback Labyrinths' and shows you how to draw a labyrinth, how to make a finger labyrinth and suggests making one outside. I spent quite a bit of time making one with grass-cuttings and twigs in our back garden. It was thoroughly enjoyable but as it turned out, I found that green on green works well as a technical photo challenge!

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