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The Thinking Journalist's Night Out: Sheffield Tribune comes to Philosophy in Pubs

I'm always happy to spread the word about Philosophy for Communities, so was I glad to hear from Dan Hayes of the Sheffield Tribune, an email saying that he'd like to do a piece about our Sheffield Philosophy in Pubs group(s).

The first time I heard about Philosophy in Pubs, I thought it sounded like a great plan and something I'd love to join in with. But after waiting several years for someone to start a group in Sheffield, I realised that I might as well crack on and start one myself. I'm so glad I did, it's one of my favourite things.

Dan is also cracking on and starting things. Namely, a new quality newspaper for Sheffield, delivering thoughtful, in-depth journalism by email direct to your inbox. I'll be honest, I hadn't subscribed before he came along to Philosophy in Pubs, but I've signed up now, and you can too:

With permission, I'm sharing extracts from the article here. It's so great to read a well written, entertaining and thoughtful piece about something you care about and enjoy. Thanks Dan!

Is it wrong to take pleasure in making people's heads hurt?

Dan is not alone in this. I try my best to be clear but there is a tendency to think that philosophy is something you learn about, rather than something you do. Philosophy for Communities is all about active philosophising: thinking and talking together.

He goes on to describe the introductory stimulus, before continuing:

By the end of the article, Dan is clear that he's been out of his comfort zone and not found the session wall-to-wall enjoyable. But equally, he's understood the value of this approach to discussion and dialogue.

And in this, I can see the common ground between us. We each use different methods, but we're both interested in getting people thinking in ways that encourage an open-minded approach to life. If you're up for engaging deeply with ideas and connecting with your local community, you might like Philsophy in Pubs and you might like the Sheffield Tribune too.

It was great to meet you Dan and I hope the Sheffield Tribune goes from strength to strength.

Philosophy in Pubs takes place at the Millowners Arms in Kelham Island at 7.30pm on every first Tuesday of every month. A Zoom session takes place on the first Monday of every month. For more details visit the Facebook page or email:

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